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Parent Workshop on Using the FSA Portal

Hello GES Parents!!!

SAC, PTO, and GES faculty and staff have an exciting event planned for you on February 27th. SAC and PTO members have joined together to ensure that our students are receiving all the resources needed to be successful on state testing.  Please come and join us to learn how to help your child score high on the FSA!!! Students will be learning techniques and strategies to used when testing, while you all will be discussing how to use the FSA portal with Mr. Travis Jones, SAC Chairman. We will start at  5:00 and end at 7:00. Parents and students will be served pizza as we embark on this great moment in time. GES is only as good as their parents, students, teachers, administration and District Board of Education. We have the support of everyone, so parents come out and let the world know that we have the best students in the nation. See you soon!!!


Dr. Barbara Pettiford

"Doing Right Things For Children"



GES Assessment Schedule for State Testing

FSA/FCAT 2.0 Testing Schedule

March- May  2018

March 6(T) -FSA ELA Writing  Grades 4 and 5   120 min. (paper)

April 17 & 18(T/W) Reading  Grade 3                 160 min. (paper)

April 19 & 20(R/F)   Math       Grade 3                160 min. (CBT)

April 23rd & 24th (M/T) Reading Grade 4 &5      170 min. (CBT)

April 25th & 26th(W/R) Math      Grade 4 &5      160 min. (CBT)

April 27 Make up for any tests missed. Will also do make-ups in the afternoon after testing if needed.

May 1st & 2nd (T/W)     Science   Grade    5         180 min. ( Paper)

May 3rd (R) Make-ups Science

May 7-11(M-F) i-Ready Diagnostic 4  Grade K-8 (Reading/Math) 45 min. each  CBT

Parents please read the testing schedule and be sure that your child is present each day of testing. Please schedule your child's dental and doctor's appointment on a non-testing date.

After School Care

Girls and Boys Club is offered to interested students who attend

Additional Notes

Free student breakfast is served from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. daily.

Parents Taking an Initiative (PTI)

Parents Taking an Initiative (P.T.I.) at GES

The faculty and staff of Greenville Elementary are proud to have parents who are taking the initiative to support our students. It is a known fact that it takes a village to raise a child, therefore we welcome parents, community members, and partners in education to assist in mentoring and volunteering in the classroom. Mrs. Linton Hart is our Parent Coordinator for GES and is looking forward to working with you. Please ask for Ms. Talecia Solomon  who will assist in keeping record of the hours that you spend in assisting our students. Please remember that all volunteers must be approved and screened by the district office.


There is no responsibility more important than the education of our children. In order for the students of Greenville to be successful, it will take the parents, teachers, community members, and partners in education working together. With this in mind, Greenville faculty and staff has developed a program for parents and volunteers entitled "Parents taking an Initiative (PTI)". This program will recognize parents as they assist our students in academics. The following examples are ways parents can earn points:  a)volunteering in class, b)coming to parent conferences, c)coming to P.T.O. meetings, d) having lunch with their child or mentee, e)helping with school events such as IMAGE celebrations, f)fundraisers, g)signing student work, h)mentoring, i)signing progress reports, and j)signing reports cards. Parents may progress from one level to the other by the number of points they obtained by the end of each nine weeks.


1)      Level 1= Name on the Parent Board at School (200 pts.)

2)      Level 2 = Bronze Certificate, name on Parent Board (400 pts.)

3)      Level 3 = Silver Certificate, name and picture (with child) on Parent Board (600 pts)

4)      Level 4 = Gold Certificate (800 pts.) Name and picture in the newspaper with the Superintendent.



GES Closed Tomorrow(Friday)

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GES will be closed Friday, Sept. 8th