Shirley Joseph

Phone: 850-973-5033
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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Students,

What an exciting time of the year to be at Greenville Elementary! As we all look forward to an upcoming successful school year, our success will be stimulated by one word—“Together!”  Together we will make a difference in the lives of our students.  Together, we will overcome the challenges that await us.  Together, we will succeed!  I truly believe that parent involvement is critical in the success of our students and I need your support.  I also believe that students play an equal role in their own success. With your promise of involvement and support, together we can ensure that each student is prepared for college, career and community life.

My commitment is to continue to provide the necessary support, resources and leadership to our teachers, students, and our school community.  The district’s goal is to ensure quality learning for every student at Greenville Elementary and across our district.  As a result of my commitment to student success, I will be in classrooms regularly as an active resource and support to teachers and students.

Due to being in classes so often, I may not always be immediately available to you; however, your communication is important to me.  If you have questions about a particular class, please contact the teacher directly, as I have found that is the most effective way to clarify issues. 

If you need to schedule a time to speak with me, please contact my secretary Ms. Talecia Solomon and provide her a description of the topic to be discussed.  She will gladly find an appropriate time for us to talk.  She can be reached at (850-973-5033).  I encourage parents, community members, and GES stakeholders to contact me with any concern.  I am here to serve and help ensure that each student receives a quality education at Greenville Elementary.  Again thank you for entrusting the Greenville Faculty and Staff with your most precious assets, our future leaders of tomorrow.