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About the School

Vision Statement:

We strive to develop successful and well-rounded students that are equipped to handle any academic and life challenges with a positive attitude and determination.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a safe and challenging learning environment, through the use of effective teaching strategies, and to inspire students to use their creativity, individuality, and minds to succeed beyond the elementary level.

School Motto:

I Must Achieve Greatness Everyday!

School Song:

GES Pride Song

Mascot, GES Pride Song, and School Colors



Greenville Elementary School Pride Song

(To the tune “Hey Look us Over”)

Hey, look us over;

You’ll like what you see.

Pride is our motto;

We’re proud as we can be.

Great attitudes are showing,

And friendships are growing.

We’re really doing all we can

To make our school the best around.

The work that we’re doing is Grade A—Our Best!

We’ll meet any challenge;

We can stand the test.

So when the schools are all compared,

The one that beats the rest

Will be our very own GES!

Go Colts!


The "Colts" Pledge

Green and Gold

Colts Classroom Pledge

Good Morning Mr. or Mrs. _______________________________!

We are fortunate to have you as our teacher.

You hold the keys to our success in life.

Please teach us in different ways so that we may learn the content.

I promise to “SLANT” when I enter your class.

S! I promise to “Sit-up” when you are teaching.

L! I promise to “Listen” when you are teaching.

A! I promise to “Ask questions” when I don’t understand.

N! I promise to “Nod my head” when I do understand.

T! I promise to “Track you with my eyes” when you are teaching.

Mr. or Mrs. ________________________ we are ready to Learn!